Efficiency and Reliability: Power Engineering

World population growth is resulting in increased demand for energy. Engines and turbines from MAN provide a reliable way of meeting growing electricity demand. These products are often used for several decades by power utilities, on ships, or in industry, so the energy solutions we are currently researching will still be in use for decades to come.

Efficient power plants In July 2012, MAN was chosen to build a diesel power plant near the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. This will be the first power plant in Africa to use diesel combined cycle technology, which improves efficiency by almost 10%. The electricity is principally generated by five four-stroke engines. Overall efficiency is further improved by means of a steam turbine powered by waste heat from these engines.

Alternative strategies The Bluefire integrated gas strategy is MAN Diesel & Turbo’s response not only to increasingly strict environmental standards and ever-rising costs for liquid fuels, but also to the shift toward clean power. Gas-powered engines emit up to 25% less CO2 than diesel engines and around 80% less NOX. Both gas engines and gas turbines are capable of supplying electricity flexibly, on demand – for example to provide backup power for intermittent wind and solar energy.

Distributed energy concepts The new generation of MAN gas turbines is in demand with companies and regional public utilities in industrialized countries as a means of providing local, distributed power generation. In developing and emerging markets, such systems can quickly fill gaps in the energy supply by operating initially on readily available heavy fuel oil, then converting to climate-friendly gas operation when the necessary infrastructure is in place. Dry low-NOX combustion systems reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and at the same time make optimal use of fuel, with an efficiency level of 34%.

An innovative product: GT 6 gas turbine

MAN and its customers

Anders Heine Jensen - BWSC (photo)

"We have been consortium partners with MAN Diesel & Turbo for more than 25 years. Together we strive for the best solution for our common clients - they trust in the joint work of BWSC and MAN because they know that they get a little bit extra from us." Anders Heine Jensen - BWSC, Denmark
CEO of the global turnkey developer, contractor,
and operator of tailored power plants

"Energy supply security and energy savings are the big challenges we have to face in the future. We therefore place great importance on being fully energy self-sufficient, with our own high-efficiency on-site generating system. The 6-MW MAN turbine which we are currently pilot testing will assist us in this. It will reduce annual CO2 emissions by 18,000 tons." Ute Reuther - Solvay Chemicals, Germany
Operations Manager for Energy Supply at Solvay
Chemicals, the international chemicals group

Ute Reuther - Solvay Chemicals (photo)

Amihai Zaider - Haifa Chemicals (photo)

"As a producer of fertilizers we need reliable machinery. In addition, MAN offers good service. Once we bought used equipment from a plant in Portugal. MAN engineers flew there, checked the compressors, and advised us to buy them. They have been working for over 30 years now - that’s real sustainability!" Amihai Zaider - Haifa Chemicals, Israel
Vice President for Operations of the leading
supplier of specialty fertilizers