A Partner to Our Customers

Our success depends on long-term partnerships with our customers. Together we are developing solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

According to a customer survey conducted in September 2012 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, more than 70% of our customers are looking for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient solutions, for which they are also prepared to pay a higher price. Ninety-seven percent of the 276 truck customers and 79 bus customers who participated in the survey also said that MAN had responsible policies regarding climate change and was developing appropriate solutions.

In demand: efficient transport solutions

The IAA Commercial Vehicles show is the main industry forum for presenting trends and innovations. At last year’s event, twelve new MAN products in the field of trucks, buses, engines, and services made their world debut. The star of the show and the most photographed vehicle was MAN’s Concept S truck study, which was shown for the first time with an ultra-aerodynamic Krone trailer. The new Euro VI-compliant TG truck family, the new NEOPLAN Jetliner, and MAN Lion’s Coach EfficientLine buses were further attractions, bringing tens of thousands of visitors flocking to the MAN stand.

Innovations anticipate new regulations

MAN Diesel & Turbo was among the exhibitors at SMM Hamburg 2012, the world’s leading international maritime trade fair. Here too, customer interest was centered particularly on improved efficiency. From 2013, all new ships must comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), which limits the number of grams of CO2 that a vessel may emit per ton and per nautical mile. MAN’s innovative low-emission technologies help its customers achieve compliance with these standards today. Products include the G-type two-stroke engine range, which supports slow steaming — a solution which allows ships to be operated at slower speeds to save fuel.

The highlight at our SMM stand was a dual-fuel large-bore diesel engine, which MAN displayed as part of a 14-meterlong driveline comprising an engine, clutch, transmission, and propeller. This engine can be operated on oil or natural gas. Using natural gas, it already complies with the International Maritime Organization Tier III emissions regulations for marine applications, which will come into effect in 2016 and which require 80% cuts (baseline: 2000) in nitrogen-oxide emissions in certain coastal areas.

Visitors to the MAN Truck & Bus Stand at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover
Visitors to the MAN Truck & Bus Stand
at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover.

The D2862 high-speed marine engine (right) for cargo, passenger, and escort
vessels — one of the exhibits at the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg (photo)
The D2862 high-speed marine engine (right) for
cargo, passenger, and escort vessels — one of the
exhibits at the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg.

Customer-oriented solutions

MAN’s retrofit solutions for converting two-stroke engines to slow steaming allow more eco-friendly solutions to be adopted even for engines which have already been in service for many years. In this way their life cycle can be extended and there is no need for our customers to invest in new engines when stricter environmental legislation is introduced. MAN Diesel & Turbo offers customer-oriented after-sales solutions under the MAN PrimeServ service brand.

MAN Service, the customer service arm of MAN Truck & Bus, is now offering a new MAN Genuine Parts ecoline product range of professionally reconditioned parts as a cost-efficient repair solution for vehicles aged between four and ten years. Reconditioning used parts not only saves time and money — it also conserves resources and protects the environment. In 2012, MAN’s service contracts, which allow truck customers to enjoy lower maintenance costs and increased operational reliability, were extended to offer support throughout Europe. MAN’s professional service standards reduce fuel consumption by ensuring that the vehicle is optimally tuned and calibrated. Expert maintenance also increases a vehicle’s resale value. Under its MAN TopUsed brand, MAN Truck & Bus sells used trucks and buses of all types and brands in more than 30 markets.

Worldwide expansion of customer service

MAN customer service also includes driver training designed to improve fuel efficiency and save costs. This training course forms part of the MAN TGX EfficientLine fuel-saving package and is offered to customers free of charge when they purchase a vehicle. MAN ProfiDrive training is provided by a team of around 60 instructors. Some 8,000 participants attend these courses every year. This allows drivers to reduce their fuel consumption by approximately 5%, and at the same time reduce their CO2 emissions.

The new MAN ServiceCard provides comprehensive service and support and helps provide a more transparent picture of fleet efficiency. It is accepted at all of the approximately 35,500 filling stations in the pan-European DKV network. Convenient processing at MAN Service Centers throughout Europe also reduces downtimes in the event of a breakdown, while the billing service significantly simplifies administration.

We know what customers want

In both business areas, new order figures are only one of the ways in which we measure customer satisfaction. We also conduct regular surveys among key customers. This offers important insights into our customers’ future requirements. We also set store in our face-toface discussions with customers, which take place several times yearly at meetings of the MAN Truck & Bus customer advisory panel, which was set up in 2009. Comprising 50 truck and 30 bus customers and chaired by Sales, this panel focuses its discussions on strategically relevant topics from all divisions.

Confirmation of quality and reliability

Tests carried out on a regular basis by the TÜV technical inspection authority are an acknowledged benchmark of customer-oriented quality. The top ratings for reliability received by our TG trucks in the TÜV Report for Commercial Vehicles published in September 2012 sent a positive message to our customers. The Report found that two-year-old to five-year-old vehicles from MAN’s TGL, TGM, TGS, and TGX series had the fewest faults compared to competitor models. MAN trucks also achieved above-average scores for reliability and robustness in the categories Chassis/Body, Brakes, and Powertrain.