A Strategy Based on Stakeholder Dialog

In the ongoing development and implementation of our CR strategy, we are guided by CR rating agencies’ assessments of our performance and by dialog with our stakeholders.

As a globally active company, our stakeholders’ needs and expectations provide an important framework for our business practices. Our future success depends on their acceptance and trust.

Sustainability ratings

Our sustainability performance is regularly evaluated by different institutions in the interests of investors and analysts — an important stakeholder group. The results show that we are meeting their core requirements very well.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes: Interim goal attained

Our CR strategy included the goal of returning to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). Following an evaluation by Sustainable Asset Management, this objective was met in September 2012, with MAN being listed in DJSI World and DJSI Europe. After a considerable increase in the previous year, we again showed a significant improvement to 78 points out of 100. With 97 points, our climate strategy received the highest rating in the industrial engineering sector. Indeed, MAN is the only German company from this sector to be listed. We are proud of this result, which confirms the effectiveness of our work to date. However, we are aiming to become even better and have set ourselves the goal of being the industry leader by 2015.

oekom research: Confirmed as sustainable investment

MAN also received an improved corporate responsibility rating from oekom research in 2012, rising from C+ to B-. This makes us one of the best companies in the mechanical engineering sector. MAN has once again been granted prime investment status. Our development activities in the alternative fuels segment, our energy-efficiency measures, and the health and safety aspects of our products were rated positively. oekom research sees potential for improving the transparency of measures taken by our key suppliers to comply with environmental and safety standards.

DJSI: Industry comparison of MAN’s performance

DJSI: Industry comparison of MAN’s performance

DJSI: MAN’s ratings over the past three years

DJSI: MAN’s ratings over the past three years

Additional sustainability ratings

Additional sustainability ratings

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Carbon Disclosure Project: Listed for third time in a row

The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) evaluates the transparency of companies’ climate protection activities. In 2012 MAN was listed for the third time in a row and improved its score by eleven points over the previous year, reaching 84 out of 100 points. Although the sector average among industrial enterprises rose from 48.5 to 51 points, MAN moved two places up the list compared to the previous year and is now ranked number 26. Of the 184 German, Austrian, and Swiss companies that participated in the survey, 36 qualified for inclusion in the CDLI.

Sustainalytics: MAN in the top 15

Sustainalytics performs a sustainability analysis that rates environmental, social, and corporate governance performance. As in the previous year, MAN was ranked number 15 (of 87 companies; 82 participated in 2011).

Stakeholder survey serves as compass

We use a variety of channels to communicate with our stakeholders: We exchange ideas, ask questions, and analyze their expectations. Responses to our most recent stakeholder survey showed that the more successful MAN’s CR activities are, the higher stakeholder expectations become.

Positive stakeholder response

In 2012 MAN conducted and expanded its third stakeholder survey. Of the almost 600 selected stakeholders (2011: approx. 500), around 40% responded to the questionnaire. Although the participation rate was the same as in the previous year, the overall number of replies increased from 192 to 255. As in 2011, Germany had the highest participation rate (33%), followed by China (19%) and India (9%).

Stakeholder survey participants by group

Stakeholder survey participants by group

Most important issues: Resource conservation and climate change

Once again, the participating stakeholders saw resource conservation (74%) and climate change (67%) as the most significant challenges facing MAN. Climate change increased six percentage points in its importance to stakeholders, up from 61% in the previous year. At 40% globalization was rated about the same as in the previous year (2011: 38%), but slipped one place down the list of greatest challenges for MAN. Moving up from 34% in the previous year to 42% in 2012, diversity and equal opportunity now occupy third place.

Compliance, product responsibility, corporate governance: Very good

A large majority of our stakeholders rated MAN’s CR activities as appropriate to above average. The Company received especially good marks for compliance, product responsibility, and corporate governance. Participants said they would like MAN to show more initiative in terms of social responsibility and corporate citizenship as well as human rights and responsibility towards employees. More than threequarters of all stakeholders found that MAN’s approach to sustainable business practices is credible. At the same time, however, the number of stakeholders who rated our commitment as “above average” fell in almost every category compared to the previous year. As the expectations our stakeholders place on our CR activities increase, we are rising to the challenge by setting ambitious targets, which we have outlined in our CR Roadmap.

Dialog with policymakers

MAN is actively working to develop solutions for global challenges. We also contribute our knowledge and expertise to the ongoing political debate. Our focus here is on topics relevant to our core business, such as reducing worldwide carbon dioxide emissions caused by the transportation of goods and people. To this end, we maintain an ongoing dialog with the responsible ministries at the state, national, and EU levels, as well as with elected representatives and opinion leaders from the government and the opposition. We also represent our interests through membership in various organizations.

In our dialog with policymakers and our activities in industry associations, we try to mirror the decision-making hierarchy. Our engineers and experts, for example, contribute their knowledge to technical working groups, while Public Affairs handles political topics. MAN’s goal is to persuade others by using objective arguments. Our dialog with policymakers — whether direct or through industry organizations — is centrally managed.

MAN contributes its experience in overarching CR topics to the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ working group on corporate social responsibility. At regular meetings in 2012, MAN again exchanged ideas with other corporations and with government policymakers. On the EU level we participate in the CR working group of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), which met in Brussels three times during the year under review.

Support for UN conference

Rio+20, the United Nations (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development, was held in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It marked the 20th anniversary of the international UN summit aiming to spread the principles of sustainable development. This time the focus was also on issues related to a green economy. As an official partner of the international conference, which was attended by some 50,000 participants, MAN provided 17 eco-friendly shuttle buses. MAN Latin America presented the first Brazilian truck featuring a hydraulic hybrid drive at the MAN stand.

Yvonne Benkert, Head of Corporate Responsibility at MAN, attended the conference and noted, “Our support for the Rio+20 Conference was based on our convictions — we adhere to the principles of sustainable development, have a production site in Brazil, and can make an important contribution as a supplier of energy-efficient solutions. What we took away from the event is that corporations like ours have an important role to play in shaping the future.”

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid bus and our diesel-ethanol truck at the MAN stand at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo)

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid bus and our diesel-ethanol truck at the MAN stand at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo)

The MAN Lion’s City Hybrid bus and our diesel-ethanol truck at the MAN stand at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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