Feedback from our stakeholders

Every year we ask our stakeholders to assess our CR activities. Their responses confirm the effectiveness of our CR and Climate Strategy and highlight issues which will be relevant to us in the future.

Top five challenges for MAN

Top five challenges for MAN

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Assessment of MAN’s CR activities

Assessment of MAN’s CR activities

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    MAN has identified all relevant issues. Now it comes down to addressing them in a sustainable manner.

    In its CR activities, MAN should do more to take customer requirements into consideration.

    Noise emissions are a problem that hasn’t received sufficient attention yet.

    If MAN manages to find an attractive alternative to fossil fuels, it will represent an enormous opportunity.

    What is MAN’s position in the discussion about the EU setting limits on CO2 emissions?

    What is MAN doing to create value on a local level?


    Zero emissions ought to be the long-term goal of all truck manufacturers - which will be much harder to achieve in the freight sector than in the passenger car segment, however.

    To date MAN has only presented a clear CO2 reduction target for its sites. What are the specific reduction targets for its products?

    It is very important to involve stakeholders - even critical ones - in the implementation of the climate strategy.

    MAN should report in greater detail on its climate strategy and the progress being made in implementing it.

    Topics such as energy efficiency and environmental protection will help determine whether MAN can achieve its goal of becoming a world market leader by 2020.

    MAN’s climate target is very ambitious.