Corporate Citizenship

Everywhere MAN operates, it aims to benefit the people of the region. We work with suppliers in the area, hire local employees, and show our commitment to the community through donations and sponsorships.

Responsibility for the community

At MAN we see ourselves as part of society, and our goal is to be a good corporate citizen in all sites and regions where the Company operates. Wherever MAN creates value, the people of that region profit as well. Most of our activities are closely related to our core business areas and run over an extended period of time. This includes the relief fund that we maintain through MAN Trucker’s World, our international drivers’ club. It provides immediate financial assistance to professional truck drivers or their direct families if legally mandated benefits prove inadequate following accidents, serious illness, or occupational disability. Since the fund was set up in 2007, the Trucker’s World — Drivers helping Drivers program has donated a total of €162,000.

Partnership with SOS Children’s Villages

For many years MAN has been a partner to SOS Children’s Villages. In 2011 we extended this long-term international partnership for another three years, pledging annual financial support of €150,000. As part of this cooperation, MAN employees volunteer in SOS Children’s Villages facilities. Following a successful pilot project in Nuremburg in 2011, we extended the volunteering program in the year under review to our Munich and Salzgitter sites. At the SOS Mother and Child Center in Munich our employees lent a helping hand in the garden, at the international summer festival, and in computer training classes designed to help women re-enter the workforce. We also cover the payroll costs for one member of the daycare staff. In this manner, we are making a contribution to early childhood education. At the SOS Mother Center in Salzgitter, MAN Truck & Bus vocational trainees joined forces with their trainers to support the annual “Christmas village.” In 2012, 47 employees took part in different projects, volunteering some 329 hours for a worthy cause. MAN participated in disaster relief following the Haiti earthquake in 2010. To provide long-term assistance we are supporting the establishment of an SOS family house in Les Cayes, Haiti, giving children and young people without families a safe environment in which to grow up.

Yvonne Benkert, Head of Corporate Responsibility at MAN SE, traveled to Brazil in June 2012 to attend the Rio+20 world summit. Another goal of the visit was to get a firsthand look at the situation of children and young people in Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas. Accompanied by a colleague from SOS Children’s Villages, she visited a facility in Taquara, 40 kilometers west of Rio de Janeiro, and talked to employees to learn more about the program’s specific needs and obtain a clear picture of the quality of the care provided.

Regional responsibility

Wherever MAN manufactures products and creates value, it aims to make a contribution to economic and social development as well. We not only create value directly at our sites, but also work with local and regional suppliers. As an employer we create skilled, fairly paid jobs at our sites. Similarly, suppliers and service providers profit from our presence in the region. The growth potential created by MAN’s presence in the regions has positive downstream effects on the local infrastructure.

Examples of regional responsibility

Examples of regional responsibility

Our sites in Resende and Changzhou are examples of positive regional impacts. A supplier specializing in made-to-order components has set up operations directly adjacent to our MAN Latin America site in Resende and employs 200 people. Today a number of supplier facilities are located in an industrial park around our site. Our contracts with local logistics firms are responsible for an additional 400 jobs. At our Changzhou site, MAN Diesel & Turbo also has numerous license agreements with local suppliers.

A summary of our community and environmental initiatives at these and other sites can be found in the worldwide overview of our projects.

Donations and sponsoring

As a good corporate citizen, MAN supports charitable organizations and community projects through donations and sponsoring. All donations and sponsoring activities must comply with a policy that applies Group-wide and defines permissible areas of support. For donations, these include education, academia, the arts, and community programs — in particular social welfare organizations, charitable and humanitarian projects, and disaster relief efforts. Sponsorships may also be extended to business and sports. Activities that could damage our reputation are not acceptable, nor is support for political parties and their affiliated institutions or for religiously motivated organizations. In the year under review, our cash and non-cash donations totaled approximately €300,000. This sum differs from the previous year’s total due to a one-time donation of €1 million to the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin. We also adjusted our expenditures for donations in keeping with the general economic situation.

Cash and non-cash donations by area

Cash and non-cash donations by area

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This year the focus of our sponsoring activities was once again on sports. MAN continued its premium partnerships with football, basketball, and ice hockey teams. We also provided €3.4 million in funding for educational partnerships, most of them long-term. This included collaborations with Munich Technical University and with Jugend forscht, a foundation that promotes research by young people. In 2012 MAN Latin America also supported Caravana Siga Bem, Brazil’s largest tour event. The truck convoy stops in various cities and teaches truck drivers about social and environmental aspects of transportation and how they can help improve the situation on Brazil’s roads. Cutting greenhouse-gas emissions was in the spotlight in 2012.

Guidelines for lobbying

When the government and society discuss current issues that affect our core business areas, we contribute our expertise, ideas, and project proposals on transportation, energy, environmental protection, and foreign trade. The MAN guidelines for lobbying are defined in the MAN Code of Conduct and apply Group-wide. This Code explicitly outlines our commitment to nonpartisanship and to making our positions transparent. As in the previous year, in 2012 MAN spent around €80,000 on direct lobbying activities. To promote transparency, we advocate a mandatory registry of all lobbyists. MAN has been listed in the EU lobby register since February 2009.

Our positions

MAN’s mobility solutions contribute to the sustainable and efficient transportation of passengers and goods. The mobility concept we have developed for passenger transportation combines different modules. People only travel short distances using individual forms of transportation — driving, cycling, or walking — and then transfer to buses or trains. Efficient and environmentally compatible urban and regional buses are therefore at the heart of this mobility concept. When it comes to transporting freight, it is equally important to unite climate protection and efficiency. With its Concept S semitrailer study, MAN has shown that a change in the legally permissible length and weight could result in up to 25% savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in road freight transportation. A change in the relevant directive is currently being discussed at the EU level.


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