UN Global Compact Communication on Progress

MAN has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since December 2010. We thereby made an express commitment to the ten principles of the Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anticorruption. The present Report represents our third Communication on Progress. The table below provides an overview of the systems we have rolled out, the measures we have implemented and the results we have achieved. In this context, our activities are aligned with the Guiding Principles of the MAN Group, our CR strategy, and our International Framework Agreement on basic human and employee rights.

CR Roadmap

Principle Systems Implementation Achievements
Principle 1
Support for human rights
Principle 2
Exclusion of human rights abuses
Principle 3
Ensuring freedom of association
Principle 4
Elimination of all forms of forced labor
MAN Code of Conduct (, )
Code of conduct for suppliers and business partners (, , )

Joint Declaration on Human Rights and Working Conditions in the MAN Group ()
Results of the pilot project for supplier self-assessment introduced and expanded to Group-wide purchasing()
Compliance and CR requirements included in due diligence reviews ()
84% of employees worldwide are covered by collective bargaining agreements ()
Principle 5
Abolition of child labor
Principle 6
Elimination of discrimination
MAN management hiring policy () New Horizon program continued () Proportion of women in management positions increased by 0.9 percentage points ()
Proportion of severely disabled people employed by MAN in Germany is 5.2% ()
No reported cases of discrimination ()
Principle 7
Precautionary environmental protection
Integrated management system (, ) Continued establishment and verification of environmental management systems at MAN sites ()
"What Cities Want" study initiated ()
Third stakeholder survey conducted )
Development of KPIs for CR and Climate Strategy (, U5)
96% of employees are covered by ISO 14001 certification ()
100% of employees are covered by ISO 9000/1 certification ()
70 managers completed "Manage responsibly" training course ()
Principle 8
Initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
MAN's Climate Strategy (, ) Rollout of core initiatives for implementing MAN's Climate Strategy () Product life cycle assessments conducted ()
Principle 9
Diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
MAN's Climate Strategy
(, )
Rollout of core initiatives for implementing MAN's Climate Strategy (, )
Bluefire gas strategy launched by MAN Diesel & Turbo (, .)
EfficientLine expanded to bus product segment (enclosed product brochure)
Efficient and reliable transportation solutions, engines, and turbines ( S. 12- 15 beiliegende Broschüre )
Concept S with semitrailer and MAN Metropolis presented at IAA
(, beiliegende Broschüre )
Principle 10
Measures to combat corruption
Compliance program (, ) Second compliance risk assessment completed ()
Preventive compliance audits conducted in selected Group companies ()
Compliance and CR requirements for due diligence reviews supplemented ()
E-learning program launched ()
931 questions handled by Helpdesk ()
3,865 employees participated in 197 on-site compliance awareness training sessions ()
2,355 business partners checked ()