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With its CR Report 2012, MAN has once again complied with the highest reporting standard (A+) of the Global Reporting Initiative and submitted to a comprehensive audit by an external audit company.

How this report was drawn up

Our CR Report 2012 is divided into three parts to respond to the different needs and expectations of our stakeholders. This year’s Priority Issue section concentrates on our customers as well as our products and services. It is followed by descriptions of the MAN CR strategy and CR management and the Performance Report.

As an internationally active company we also address our report to our employees, to investors and analysts, policymakers, local authorities, and NGOs as well as to the people who live in the countries where we operate. In its CR Report 2012, MAN presents a detailed and comparable overview of its performance in the field of sustainability. Our reporting complies with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (GRIG3) published in 2006 and for the second time in succession meets the requirements of the highest reporting standard (Level A+). Wherever possible and meaningful, we present indicators for the past three years. The report thus supplements our Annual Report 2012 and at the same time constitutes our third progress report for the United Nations Global Compact. It was prepared in consultation with our CR Excellence Team, which includes responsible persons from all areas relevant to CR. The report has been approved by the Management Board of MAN SE.

Reporting period and scope

The reporting period 2012 is identical with the 2012 fiscal year, which runs from January 1 to December 31. Unless otherwise specified, the information in this report relates to the entire MAN Group (MAN SE including subsidiaries, but excluding joint ventures, associated companies, and financial participations). Foreign currencies are converted at the average rates for 2012.

Data collection

Collecting CR data is a logistical challenge for our Group. This is because of the partial lack of Group-wide standards for the data published in the CR Report. The figures are sourced from various internal reporting systems which differ in some respects from those taken as a basis for the financial information in our consolidated financial statements. We are working on standardizing data collection.

Independent assurance report

We voluntarily submitted our CR Report 2012 to a comprehensive independent audit by the audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers which was conducted in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000. As in the previous year, the limited assurance audit covered all significant statements and all indicators for the reporting year 2012. The audit report can be seen on pages 70 and 71.

Editor’s note

This report is published in German, English, and Portuguese. The closing date for contributions was January 31, 2013. Events with CR relevance are included through March 31, 2013. We will continue to publish these reports annually. The next report will appear in the first half of 2014. In the interests of readability we have not used the full legal names of MAN SE and its subgroups.

Additional information

The printed report is supplemented by additional information on our corporate website at Direct access is facilitated by cross-references in the report and QR codes providing direct links to the relevant website pages. Our CR website also provides up-to-date information about current developments concerning our corporate responsibility.


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